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Located in the heart of the beautiful English wine region of Sussex, Ian Green is a wine enthusiast and content creator whose mission is to break down the barriers to wine and to make it more approachable and accessible to all. 


Ian's passion for wine saw him launch his Instagram account (@winewithian) in late 2019, which became a creative outlet for him to share his wine journey and experiences, in the hope that he could spark the curiosity of others and inspire them to explore the wonderful world of wine for themselves.

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Originally from Manchester in the North West of England, Ian’s earlier experience of wine is one he felt had been limited due to various demographics and it is those barriers that he hopes to now remove for others by showing first-hand that wine can be fun, educational and also a great social subject to enjoy with friends and family.  


At the time of launching @WineWithIan, Ian had no idea of the international friendships he would make, the opportunities that would open up, or the experiences he would have through his curiosity and love for learning about the world of wine. Ian is now incredibly grateful to be able to collaborate with some of the worlds leading wine regions and producers to bring their stories and wine portfolios in front of a new audience via creative and engaged channels such as Instagram.

Ian’s favourite thing to do is to share wine with friends and family and to enjoy new wine-related experiences while making new memories. He is incredibly passionate about supporting local English wine producers and independent small businesses and is extremely excited about the future of English winemaking and hopes that he can use his platform to help showcase it to his international following. 


When not exploring his local English vineyards or tasting his way through the world of wine, Ian works as a designer for a California tech company and with over 10 years of professional experience in design and digital marketing, Ian now has the pleasure of being able to combine his passions for wine, design and marketing in one unique and focussed outlet.

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